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Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: あらぶるおっぱいさん

Genre :

Studio: softhouse-seal

Duration: 12 min.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: Dec 12, 2014

Views: 1578 Views

Sinopsis :

he rambunctious tale of a busty young girl and a flat-chested goddess.
Satisfy with H play, undo the curse of the seven Breast Gods!

* Poses with animated bouncy breasts!
Motion techniques are leveraged to bring boobs to life!
Enjoy the jiggle and sway of goddess “Oppai” when she talk, laughs and moves!

* Story
There once were seven Breast Gods,
each with ample bosoms except for miserable petite Hinpaiten.

One day a busty young girl named Kotori visited their shrine.
Kotori was burdened by her large breasts and wished for a smaller pair.
Hinpaiten, unhappy with her own smallness, was taken aback.
When the other goddesses saw how Hinpaiten treated their guest they cursed her,
binding the busty girl and the goddess together.
The only way to satisfy break the curse was to satisfy the Breast Gods.

So begins the tale of a girl and a goddess,
the ties that bind, and the breasts that bounce—

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  • Episode 1 22 August, 2018 Watch Online
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