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DERLANGER ~誘惑の淫魔病棟~

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: DERLANGER ~誘惑の淫魔病棟~

Genre : , , ,


Duration: 1 hour.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: Apr 27, 2007

Views: 2850 Views

Sinopsis :

Iga (Ika Satoru) who works as a photographer assistant suffers a traffic accident and is hospitalized at Seiho hospital.
While being carefully taken care of from nurse Maki Kuwashima (Manami Kuwajima), he was sending a boring inpatient life.

One day, receiving temptation from the responsible doctor Asuko Uozumi (Asumiko Uzumi), he reluctantly has sexual intercourse.
After the affair, on the way back to the ward, I encounter a girl, a hospitalized inpatient, Yui Hiyama (Yui Hayama).
Iga worrying about the depressed expression, she casually calls out Iga, but she shows a frightening look, leaving the place without saying.

DERLANGER ~誘惑の淫魔病棟~

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  • Episode 1 6 March, 2019 Watch Online
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