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Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: ○○交配 / 援助交配

Genre : , , , ,

Studio: Majin

Duration: 16 min.

Episodes: 7 Eps

Released on: Feb 01, 2020

Views: 2959 Views

Sinopsis :

Hentai “Enjo Kousai” is based on the eponymous series of hentai manga from the popular dojinshi author At home Shuka (Takunomi). Studio Mojang announced the release of the first OVA at the end of January 2020. At the moment, eight manga parts have been released, the last of which was released in the summer of 2019 on the 96th comic strip.

The action of hentai takes place in a kind of fantasy world, where many other races coexist in the world with people. The sudden stagnation and subsequent demographic catastrophe led to a terrible result-the birth rate fell to zero. In no time, a law was passed about reproduction binding of the females of the human race, – humans, monsters and elves to have sex until they get pregnant..

Episode List "Enjo Kouhai" Streaming Online

  • Episode 7 27 November, 2022 Watch Online
  • Episode 6 30 May, 2022 Watch Online
  • Episode 5 26 March, 2022 Watch Online
  • Episode 4 27 April, 2020 Watch Online
  • Episode 3 29 March, 2020 Watch Online
  • Episode 2 2 March, 2020 Watch Online
  • Episode 1 2 February, 2020 Watch Online
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