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いろは 散りぬるを・・・

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: いろは 散りぬるを・・・

Genre : , , , , , ,

Studio: @OZ

Duration: 24 min.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: Mar 18, 2010

Views: 4541 Views

Sinopsis :

Samurai Shodown Parody!

A heroine who is the incarnation of a crane, captured in a cell floored with tatami mats, forced sexual service to the enemy, given continuous orgasm and end up insulted, finally her mind gets broken down…these processes are showed with clear and smooth 3DCG.

Blowjob under compulsion, Titty fuck, Tits torture, Milking, Clitoris and womb torture, and Cream pie, pregnant…produced with Clear and Smooth 3DCG movie.

Insult and imprisonment of heroine are showed up with perfect full-movie.
All scenes include insulting scene are produced by perfect clear 3DCG full-animation.

Full voice of moaning, agony, and jargon sound
Characters voice from REN MOMOKA

いろは 散りぬるを・・・

Episode List "IROHA CHIRINURUO" Streaming Online

  • Episode 1 28 February, 2019 Watch Online
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