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Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: くの一牡丹 その一

Genre : , , ,

Studio: Enokippu

Duration: 12 min.

Episodes: 2 Eps

Released on: Aug 27, 2018

Views: 5309 Views

Sinopsis :

One day, a young kunoichi by the name of Botan is along with her
comrade disciples assembled by the village chief for a emergency meeting.
It would seem that their master has not returned from a mission and there
is a possibility that she has been captured in the mansion of a brutal fiend
by the name “Demi-Ogre”, who has the ability to turn women into slaves to pleasure.
Knowing that she is lacking ability, Botan must nonetheless take on the mission
of rescuing her master but… can she really infiltrate and escape from such a mansion?
A mansion that even her master failed to……?

Episode List "Kunoichi Botan" Streaming Online

  • Episode 2 2 September, 2018 Watch Online
  • Episode 1 27 August, 2018 Watch Online
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