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らぶフェチ ~パイズリ編~

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: らぶフェチ ~パイズリ編~

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Erogos

Duration: 15 min.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: May 14, 2004

Views: 6060 Views

Sinopsis :

Then the public official was confused as ever. 

An example woman who awakens the public opinion came to the school as an educational apprentice this time. Taking advantage of its big tits that will be the easiest to understand and most likely to be weapons, Chisen will further guide the public aspirations to a dirty world. 

In the midst of confusion, public officials, although accidental, took actions to make Khaol’s tummy morose stupid. 
The public official who had been high in the small breasts would not be able to do a lot of things, it is 
being murdered by the rare baby play of a certain way. 

And Chiaki, who has confirmed that the interest of public opinion has moved to the chest, pushes over to clear the valley so as to push the plump breast, whatever in the class, as if to drive it down there were.

らぶフェチ ~パイズリ編~

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  • Episode 1 29 November, 2018 Watch Online
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