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おねえさんに任せなさいっ! ~寮母と上司の柔らかおっぱいに挟まれて~ The Motion Anime

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: おねえさんに任せなさいっ! ~寮母と上司の柔らかおっぱいに挟まれて~ The Motion Anime

Genre : , , ,

Studio: Appetite

Duration: 30 min.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: Aug 3, 2018

Views: 6876 Views

Sinopsis :

employee dormitory where Shingo Inugai of a new member of society lives.
There are two very nice guys out there.

Mr. Nobuno Muno of the dorm mother is a sister skin that is friendly and reliable.
Mr. Reina living in the next room is gentle, blessed blonde beautiful boss.

The new life with two people was fulfilling for Shogo!
… … but the daily life for Shogo changes even more.

One day a walk is followed by Reina on the next day.
From a hurry to have a relationship of the body!

“Oh, there is what I am … … to give other hands to another woman … …”
“It sounds like a girlfriend, you and he are just relations between administrator and inhabitant ”
If you say that, Reina ‘s the only thing you say with your boss, do not face her!”

Apparently the two seemed not to end the relationship with Shogo only once! What?
A sweet relationship with two lovely sister and Shogo little bitter starts like this! !

おねえさんに任せなさいっ! ~寮母と上司の柔らかおっぱいに挟まれて~ The Motion Anime

Episode List "Onee-san ni Makasenasai!" Streaming Online

  • Episode 1 14 December, 2018 Watch Online
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