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Type: Series

Status: Completed

Japanese: サキュバスKISS~悪魔の誘惑~

Genre :

Studio: Nagi or Honpo

Duration: 12 min.

Episodes: 1 Eps

Released on: Feb 7, 2014

Views: 5717 Views

Sinopsis :

Delivery If you ask for customs, in a million times There is lucky to visit once. Succubus is coming.
To a visitor like a dream, a man repeats ejaculation, goes to a world that is pleasant enough to die.
Succubus will come to you tonight · · ·

“Sorry delicious delivery!”
(A loli-like voice is heard at the entrance. ) Strange , the wind speed lady that I asked for is a mature feeling Although I thought the man thought.)

“Please get away quickly ~ ♪ Let’s play with me ~ ♪ Mr. Okay, I came to a comfortable feeling” As

soon as the entrance opens, I rushed into the room Curu Succubus.
He pushes down the man to the bed and pushes the flesh that is just broken. To be moved to Taoyuan Tow

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  • Episode 1 29 August, 2018 Watch Online
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