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Cross Days

Japanese: Cross Days

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: 0verflow

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 1 hour.

Released on: Mar 19, 2010

Views: 1542 Views

Sinopsis :

It was the beginning of the second semester that the main character of the story “Ashikaga courage” realized that “Katsura Words” of the same grade. 
It should have been just a small relationship just to come to the library well … …. 
That day, I found “Kitsuregawa road summer” in the library, I met Road Summer again through my older sister. 
Every time I exchange words, the courage to be attracted to her. Every time Road summer gets close to courage, I am attracted. 

However, that love passage does not go smoothly … … Courage is to listen to the story that she likes “Makoto Ito” from the same school from Road Summer’s misunderstanding and jealousy, 
and also to have a close relationship with girls who are also truthfully different As I heard a story that seems to be in, I ask questions of Makoto’s girlfriend. 

Then, after deciding to be involved with the words on this day, hard days of courage begin … …. 

Here is a love story that happened on the same world axis as “School Days”. 
Feelings of passing, overlapping feelings, where their love story goes and what kind of endings … …. 


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