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Japanese: ドッペル

Genre : , , , , , , ,

Studio: Steven Purgatory

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 8.6

Released on: May 08, 2020

Views: 485 Views

Sinopsis :

After school ends, other student starts to pack their things and going home, but our heroine stays in school with her newly brought brand new VR device. Its a device that allows the user to enter a virtual sex world. Seeing nobody around, she sits on a stairway and getting ready to enter the sex world. After her consciousness transferred, she starts with the lowest difficulty level such as blowjob and cumshot stage. But when she about to finish the game, her classmate decided to join the fun and hijacked the system, raising the difficulty level to the maximum, however, her classmate who pranked her wasn’t expected that our heroine would be able to finish the highest level of difficulty, thus she unlocked a bonus stage, bukkake stage.


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