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Japanese: エロリーマン2

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Petit

Type: Series

Status: Ongoing

Duration: 23 min.

Released on: Oct 28, 2022

Views: 241 Views

Sinopsis :

The continuation of the series of the name. This time the main heroine is Aina-chan. Aina-chan is Mifuyu’s cousin. She greatly respect Mifuyu so much as if she is her older sister, she’s probably has sister complex to Mifuyu. However, Mifuyu’s secret can’t be kept forever. Soon Aina will found out that Mifuyu has been working in a dating site, and her partner is none other than their uncle. Aina’s feelings got shattered upon knowing the fact. She telling them to stop their indecency act and threatened them if they don’t stop. Aina didn’t realized that she has made huge mistake. Now that their uncle sets his eyes on Aina, just about time Aina will become complete slut like Mifuyu


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