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Japanese: 妹おにゃほ

Genre : , ,

Studio: Sisteralice

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 30 min.

Released on: June 28, 2015

Views: 1763 Views

Sinopsis :

Ripe in puberty, busty yet lolita-esque, little sister is a welcome replacement for your sex toy.
Teach an innocent girl some raunchy words and exploit the heck of her body; f*ck the shy unresisting imouto as much as you like.
Imouto Onyaho is the 1st entry of the Onyaho series, fully voiced fully animated ero Flash with simple controls.

Momoka is your perfect practice hole
She believes anything big brother says
Even stuff she doesn’t understand, like nasty words you taught her
Pornographic filth comes from her innocent mouth while oniichan rough-fucks her cherry

Momoka as an ultra-pervert masturbator with cat ears
Choose “dream mode” for another level of fantasy erotica
Anything goes in a dream: Momoka in swimwear, as a maid, f*ckable as ever
with cross-section views of her deep penetrated loli vagina!



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