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Japanese: 恋まぐわい

Genre : , , , ,

Studio: Pashmina, Studio 1st

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 24 min.

Released on: Dec 26, 2014

Views: 6132 Views

Sinopsis :

The alluring Ginko spends her days in the red light district of Yoshibara, pleasing men for money. One day, a traveling peddler catches Ginko’s eye and she realizes that years ago he was the boy who saved her life, as well as the very first human she set eyes on, and the object of her affections. The problem is, Ginko is a fox spirit called an Ayakashi, and her love for Yuujiro is a forbidden one indeed.

Knowing that she couldn’t be with Yuujiro for his own safety, Ginko had run away and ended up a courtesan. Meanwhile, Yuujiro, who never forgot Ginko, became a traveling peddler so he could seek her out and find her again.

Finally reunited, Ginko allows herself one night of pleasure and bliss, a forbidden tryst with the man she loves.


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