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くるみ4 -kurumi4-

Japanese: くるみ4 -kurumi4-

Genre : , ,

Studio: Pure White

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 10 min.

Released on: Mar 12, 2010

Views: 3274 Views

Sinopsis :

An esthetic beauty girl, Kurumi, who appeared in a white blouse with a blue skirt appearance, will fascinate the embarrassing secret.
Appearing as soon as possible, she shows a disgusting disgust, but she is truly enthusiastic.
Right, quickly pierced the small breasts through the blouse, pure white pants bites into the cracks, and the shape of macaca plumped is dew.
Kurumi who took off his clothes.
But, I will not take off only white socks.
This time I stimulate the pussy with my fingertips.
Kurumi, who has been excited, fills her back with a dildo, shivers and screams violently, and finally it ends up screeching.

くるみ4 -kurumi4-


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