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Japanese: ママ喝っ

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Nur

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 23 min.

Released on: Dec 23, 2022

Views: 111 Views

Sinopsis :

The story is about a sexy, erotic MILF who just get married, Kyoko. One day her brother-in-law, Yoshi visited her house to celebrate her marriage. Yoshi who’s got captivated by her exceptional beauty, decided to fuck her by any means. Her husband wasn’t home because of business trip. Yoshi’s lust grows stronger and reached to the point where he unable hide desire. Then Yoshi and his girlfriend invited Kyoko to a love hotel. Yoshi and his girlfriend, Momoka, continuously having sex in front of Kyoko to make her horny. As a result, Kyoko no longer able to hold back and began losing herself because of exceeding libido. And nopw she has became exactly what Yoshi wants.


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