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Japanese: アニメ

Genre : , ,

Studio: Erurukku

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 11 min.

Released on: Feb 28, 2021

Views: 1062 Views

Sinopsis :

Meijyou is Chinese hentai animation
One day , Otsuki Ronue (The heroine) was attacked by thugs while dating with her boyfriend Sinha’i , Sinha’i got stabbed as he trying to saves his girlfriend who got pinned down by the thug.
Suddenly the principal’s son appeared and stopped the thugs who about to rape Otsuki ! at first the principal’s son had a crush on Otsuki , but as him got turned down by Otsuki and being ignored so many times he decides to view her in different ways…., before he saved Otsuki and her boyfriend who was in the brink of death , he made one condition before helping her ,its to become her boyfriend for a week.


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