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Japanese: パパァ…もうやめてぇ…

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Appetite

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 1 hour.

Released on: Aug 19, 2017

Views: 2389 Views

Sinopsis :

Takeo Kashima was stunned in front of his daughter’s room.
The sight seen through the gap of the narrowly opened door devastated His spirit.

“Hmm…… Hmm…… Uh-huh…… Oh, my God.
Mariko, her daughter was lost in lewd acts. She is masturbating.
The voice which can be heard through the gap of the door contains a sweet thing.

Is there a father who doesn’t get shocked when he sees his daughter’s behavior?
Mariko…… I can’t believe you’re doing this.
Mariko is my only daughter.
Recently, my relationship with my daughter has been strained and I’ve been worried about it.

(No way… It’s because of that man! )
During the day, my daughter brought a man with her.
She was told to study together, but to what extent is it?

What did he do to my daughter? What were you trying to do?
The indignation of the man that the daughter brought is raised.
(she used to say ,”Papa, Daddy.”)
I’m going to have poured a lot of love into my daughter. And yet…
(Anyway, I don’t want her to be stolen by another man…)
If i think about it, it might have been because of alcohol.
I opened the door of my daughter’s room a little more, crawled in, and sneaked in.
Fortunately, the daughter who is absorbed in masturbating is not aware. I crawled to my daughter’s feet, Mariko’s


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