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ダンシングF ゼシカEX

Japanese: ダンシングF ゼシカEX

Genre : , , , ,

Studio: Dancing Queen

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 8 min.

Released on: Jan 4, 2006

Views: 1017 Views

Sinopsis :

Exciting rape animation! Jessica screams out! loud!! Quality tit-swing animation and beautiful voice are the best ever. Card-game style is featured, humiliate the cocky girl by combination of 12 kinds of card (secret cards such as SM/bondage are also featured). Can you complete all the cum scenes??? You can also humiliate her with tentacle. There are 10 locations on her body that you can fondle with tentacle.
Interactive sexual-domination product with lots of new features, which are inspired by the Crimson’s masterpiece, Sora to Daichi to Midasareshi Onna Madoshi 2

ダンシングF ゼシカEX


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